welcome to yet another edition of v!be.

issue #1

Hi and welcome to the very first issue of VIBE - the online lifestyle magazine. Besides being a recursive acronym for Vibe Is the Best E-zine!, VIBE stands for the pulse throbs of our generation.

So without further ado, let me take you straight on a tour of this webzine. Basically this particular place on the net is all about food.

You will find new recipes to mess with in your kitchen and the dope on eateries in hyderabad in the Victuals section; Critique reviews movies and books you can fix your eyes on while gorging on popcorn and cola; The Somnambulist and Relativity provide you with food for thought on life,love and so forth while Rags2Riches gives you all the tips you need to fill your wallet so that you do not need to think twice before throwing a party at the Taj!

Now all this talk of food is definitely making me hungry so while i go and grab a bite you get ahead with the stuff here. Bon Apetit!



At 11:31 PM, Blogger charuta said...


that is some thought!!!!

come to think of it, there would no more of those "money troubles" too.

did this idea reap from a tired mind on weekend?


good one!!!


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