welcome to yet another edition of v!be.


It's sad to see that the plague of comment spamming has struck our magazine too. Well, there is one solution offered by blogger.com that might overcome part of the problem ( when the spam originates from an automated script and not some real user ) - that is to have an extra word-verification step ( like the ones you get when registering for most websites) before allowing anyone to comment.

However, as it is the flow of comments in our magazine is measly (i guess the readers get spellbound by the articles :-) ) so this additional step will all but stop even genuine people from commenting.

So, dear readers please voice your opinions about whether we should enable this for our magazine. Looking forward to your comments.


In reference to the lateness of this issue let us just say our dear editor Suman asked for a change of location and landed up in internet-less office somewhere in the smog and depths of Calcutta with a roommate who “has memorized every piece of dialogue that BigB has ever uttered in his movies…”, leaving the reins of this magazine in our greedy li’l paws.

So we’ve got the somnambulist, a short story, a movie review, another entry for Mayday! by Suraj and a new recipe in the victuals section.

Take heart Suman, and you will soon see a way (out). Keep your spirits up (do yoga, make babies, feed fishes, take this time to connect with your inner child). We love you, hang in there.

More jibes about Suman elsewhere in this issue.

Rhea and Suraj

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