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issue #6

Yesterday I was watching "For love or for money" on Star World, and it struck me as a really stupid game, but then on second thoughts, the game of life is played exactly that way!

Every decision that we take in our lives involves, in a broad sense, choosing between love and money. Giving up one's love for theatre/music/poetry for a better paying nine to five job... leaving your family and loved ones in one city for another to make money... declining lucrative job offers to stay on with your ailing parents... everyone of us have made such choices.

However, rather than branding money as a necessary evil or love as an impractical emotion, what we should try is to strike a balance between the two. The point to note is that the actual villain here is neither "love" nor "money" but the conjunction "or"; which we should strive to transform into a "and". With a bit of care and help from both the heart and the head, everyone of us can win "For love 'and' for money "!

Btw, do check out the new poetry section and the new serial fiction!

- sumandatta


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