welcome to yet another edition of v!be.

issue #23

ok, so after a few weeks(more than that is it?) inadvertant delay, v!be has managed to put it's act together finally. Actually the last month has been quite hectic for all contributors to this magazine, in several different ways - from getting a new job to getting married to taking time out with friends and family.

Or maybe it was those long cherished memories of summer vacations back in school that unconsciously drove us to take a break! Add to that the laid back melancholy of the monsoon and it becomes a huge feat to do anything else but doze and eat pakodas.

Anyways, we are sorry for leaving our favourite readers high and dry(though I guess they were having their share of fun in the rains too!). So here we are with a double treat! The vibetravel column debuts with a aditya's hilarious account of a trip to Matheran; and we have a new column Mayday..., ripe with humour dripping from suraj kamath's words. And to top it all off we have the magnificent second part of rhea's Coffee Shop Thing and images from Brooklyn by Jack Galmitz.



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