welcome to yet another edition of v!be.

issue #17 (celebrations!)

Very few of us have noticed that VIBE has turned sweet sixteen with last week's
issue. That surely calls for a celebration! (I mean who can ever forget their heady sixteenth year?!)

So we at vibe plan to come out with a "best of vibe" downloadable pdf - a collection of vibe articles,poems and stories as selected by you, our readers- with added graphics and articles.

Please help us in selecting THE BEST by putting in your comments on which
articles,stories etc. from previous issues you would like included in this special pdf issue.

You have this whole week to savour the Vibe experience in a flashback and voice your choice.
We also hope to include your comments on the magazine.

Do write in at vibeindia[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thanks a lot for being with us.

PS: check out the movie review (The Ring 2) for this week at critique.



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