welcome to yet another edition of v!be.

issue #8

The previous year had all of twelve months and yet when we look back it's difficult to look past the last month and the devastation that it brought upon mankind. If anything, the tsunami and its impact has once again taught us to reconsider mankind's much-touted superiority. We may be sending missions to Mars and boasting of our success at cloning, but when push comes to shove, nature has her own way of letting us know that we are but puny mortals.

Another fact that came to fore is that people all over the world are so very forthcoming with aid for the victims of an unfortunate natural disaster, but we never see such grand gestures for the millions of children who die of malnutrition all over, throughout the year - victims of a deliberate negligence perpetrated by man.

Here's hoping that just as the world has united today in the aftermath of the tsunami, it may stay united forever to support other worthy causes with as much zeal and fervour.

- sumandatta


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