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issue #15

Moms are a curious lot, and mine is no different. For all those dumbing soaps that she watches on the telly, her mind is as razor sharp as ever; her reasoning just too perfect. I have never won an argument against her; I guess no son ever has.

As usual I called up home last week and at the end of our conversations she was chanting her usual list of "take care of"s -

"...and take care when you go up and down the stairs..."

"mom, I shifted my place yesterday, and its now on the ground floor of the same apartment. So you can rest assured, no problems with climbing stairs!", I said, relieved that I had finally put my mom's mind to rest, only to find out how wrong I was!

"The ground floor did you say? Take care not to keep the doors and windows open all the time...what with insects and snakes and stuff!..." and on and on it went :-)

And then one day she tells me "It must be dull living all alone in the city...try going out and making friends...It pains us to know our son is lonely, you should interact more with people...".

So I call her up yesterday to tell her how the bunch of guys who have recently moved in to the apartment next to mine had invited me over for lunch and I had a great time; and I am thinking that NOW she must end all her worries about my loneliness, and pat comes the reply-

"New guys?...Where do they work? Do you know them well?...How do you know they are "good" company? Take care of yourself from the people around you son, the times are really bad ....". You absolutely can't beat her, can you? :-).

And for all of that, I simply LOVE my mom!


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At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..and i'm sure mummy loves you too :-)


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