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issue #9

The entire EU crying itself hoarse against a symbol that's been in use throughout history in Hindu and Buddhist rituals just because it happened to be adopted by the Nazi regime; protests against a Sikh play and then an English one; an outcry against certain words used in the Indian national anthem that supposedly "trespasses" the rights of another country - all this in the name of religious and social sentiments.

Sentiments my foot, these guys just need a reason to occupy their idle brains. If a religious guru is jailed- it's breach of human rights, if he gets a bail, it's religious bias; either way protesters will make a field day out of any event.

On the other end of the spectrum, crores of debt-ridden farmers, children who live on the streets and millions of daily wage earners, who have more than sufficient reasons to protest against their plight remain silent; they are so busy earning a living that they have neither the time nor the inclination to stage protests.

The only way to counter the wave of meaningless protests is public indifference (and people are already taking to it) which would drive the steam out of media-hungry protesters.

It's really time to stop worrying about concocted petty issues and start acting on things that really matter.

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